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    Is InsuranceFi safe for investors? Team has already been KYCed with ContractChecker. IF's Smart Contract has been Audited and Certificated as SAFU By ContractChecker. LP is automatically locked for 2 years via PinkLock.
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    What is the main utility of the $IF token? & What is InsuranceFi’s main competitive advantage? $IF tokens can be used to stake and pay for insurance contract. InsuranceFi is the first sustainable staking & insurance protocol that covers investment loss. We give investors confidence while investing.
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    How does the Insurance Contract work? To be simple, if you lose by investing in our staking pool, we will compensate for that loss. But like real life insurance companies, we have clear conditions. Read more​
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    How can Insurance Fund support investment loss? The Insurance Fund get rich from Insurance contract fee, trading tax, early unlock fee, insurance contract liquidated and a part of our total supply. Our Insurance Contract is limited to a calculated number to make sure our Insurance Fund can cover it.
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    What are the trading tax and slippage? $IF Token trading tax is 5% from buying and 5% from selling. It is recommended to use auto slippage on Poocoin or 6% slippage if using PancakeSwap.
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    Does the project has any CEX listing plan? We already have $IF listing confirmation from and The top CEX listing will be announced later.
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    Who is the InsuranceFi Team? A highly esteemed team of programmers, marketing experts, and talented researchers make up the InsuranceFi Team. All of our team members have experienced at least 4 years of working in crypto currency market.
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    What is the marketing plan after launch? - Biggest Buy & Last Buy Contest - Book Top Call Channels which brings huge buy volume - Twitter Influencers Marketing - CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Fast Track - Trending on Avedex, Dextools, DEXScreener - CEX Partners Marketing (Azbit & Coinsbit) - Youtube Review Marketing - Tiktok KOL Marketing - Book Banner Ads on Dextools, Poocoin, Crypto Related Sites - AMA with Crypto & DeFi communities - Local Communities Marketing (Chinese, Spain, Germany, Turkey)