The idea of a stable and safe profitable financial protocol for investors:

We have spent the last several months carefully examining hundreds of Defi projects to determine the reasons why they succeed and fail, and we have arrived at a straightforward conclusion:
"We need to build a protocol with attractive enough returns while giving investors a sense of security and confidence while investing, giving our investors a chance to win no matter how the market evolves."
Borrowing ideas from real-life insurance companies, the name & concept of InsuranceFi was born as a combination of insurance and finance. InsuranceFi provides users with a decentralized sustainable staking platform with financial instruments to protect their investments through the use of InsuranceFi Protocol (IFP for short).
IFP is the first financial protocol that protects investors' interests while still making maximum effective returns of 1200% APR.

InsuranceFi Protocol Key Features:

  • Sustainable Staking Protocol: There will be 6 staking pools from short-term (15 days) to long-term (360 days) with attractive APR. Revenue from $IF trading volume will be distributed for stakers.
  • Insurance Contract - Invest With Confidence: IFP gives users the option to purchase an insurance plan. In case the user loses from the investment due to token price or market fluctuations, IFP will compensate from greater to entire of the user's loss.
  • Low Tax Trading: InsuranceFi applies a low trading fee of 5% for buy and 5% for sell to encourage trading volume for $IF, thereby adding solvency to the insurance fund and giving investors a better APR.
  • Referral Program: The feature is under development and promises to bring stability to the InsuranceFi ecosystem.
  • Infinity-Chain: a separate POS blockchain for the insurance industry, allows real-life insurance company developers to access smart contracts and develop their DApps. Electronic contracts will be replaced by smart contracts.